CGM Testing


A continuous glucose monitor is an FDA-approved device that measures glucose levels continuously, 24 hours a day. The glucose monitor can help you understand how food, exercise, and medication impact your glucose levels, so you can better manage your diabetes. Continuous glucose monitors also include alarms to indicate when your glucose levels are too high or too low.

A small glucose-sensing device (sensor) is inserted just beneath the skin on your abdomen. The sensor measures glucose levels every five minutes and sends the information via a wireless transmitter to a monitor that can be worn on your belt or in a pocket.

A continuous glucose monitor can help you become aware of your glucose levels and how they change based on food, exercise, and medication. Wearing a monitor can help you feel more confident about the way you are managing your diabetes.



We offer CGM testing  through the use of a Dexcom G4 Platinum device.

CGM has gained acceptance among diabetes experts as an effective tool for helping people achieve their diabetes goals:

  • Achieve A1c targets without adding hypoglycemia
  • Reduce glucose highs and lows
  • Reduce hypoglycemia.

The Dexcom G4 Platimun device sends a glucose reading every 5 minutes to the Receiver,plus, it tells you which direction your glucose is moving and how quickly it’s headed there — something fingersticks could never tell you. This helps you to stay within your target range.

The patient who wants to do CGM testing, make an appointment for the insertion of the sensor and initial instructions. After 1 week, the patient returns to the clinic where the staff removes the sensor and transmitter, download the results from the monitor, and discuss the results with the doctor.